The nearest airport is Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro (OPO) in Porto. 
There is a direct subway (metro) connection  from the airport to Campanhã train station, from where Alfa e Intercidades trains to Lisbon depart hourly ; most of these trains stop at Aveiro train station.
There are bus connections from the station to the University, and taxis are inexpensive: you might, therefore, find it more convenient to take a taxi to the University campus. Not all taxi drivers are familiar with the location of the individual departments: it might be easier to print the map of the campus and indicate the place where they should drop you off (the Department is located in building 21 and the entrance door faces building 14). Please refer to the Campus Map.

If you are driving to Aveiro:

Driving southward on A1, exit at "Aveiro (A25)". On A25 there are two exits to the city: "Aveiro Norte" (North exit) and, a few miles ahead, "Aveiro". If you're heading for the University of Aveiro, the latter is advisable - refer to the City Map. After leaving A25 and arriving to the first roundabout, follow the direction “Universidade de Aveiro” and then turn right at the traffic lights. You will find yourself in Rua da Pêga, located between the university and the Ria de Aveiro – refer to the Campus Map.

Driving northward on A1, exit at Aveiro-Sul/Águeda (exit 15) and then drive along EN235 until you reach the university campus.