Lopez Cano Rubén Lopéz Cano is a mexican musicologist, settled in Barcelona. He is graduated in Music by National Autonomous University of Mexico and Doctor in Musical History and Sciences by University of Valladolid.

His investigation subjects are related with:

Some of his books include: He wrote various articles about spanish and latin-american music and collaborated on Revista Transcultural de Música (SIBE), Observatorio de Prácticas Musicales Emergentes; Instrumentos para la Investigación Musical (SIBE), and so on. Today, he is teacher of High School of Music In Catalunha.

Silvia Martinez Úrsula San Cristobál is a performer, musician and researcher. She was born in Santiago do Chile and studied recorder and early music, and then interdisciplinary performance and artistic research. In 2007, with Francisco Gonzalez, she founded Cruce, which is a group of early music, performance and installation. After one year, she concluded the Bachelor in Pontifical and Catholic University of Chile and in 2012, she became Master in Musicology by University of Valladolid. In 2013, she won a scholarship by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italian Government to do the Master in University of Milan and concluded the Bachelor in Recorder by Civic School of Music in Milan.

Today, she is doing a PhD in Art History and Musicology in University of Barcelona and is freelancer experimental performer. Ursula teaches Modern Art History at ESERP Business School of Barcelona and Language and Communication at Taller de Músics Escuela Superior de Estudios Musicales.

López-Cano and Úrsula San Cristóbal wrote the book Investigación artística em Música: Problemas, experiencias y propuestas (2013), co-funded by High School of Music in Catalunha and by the National Fund to the Culture and Arts of Mexico, included on Grupo Recerce Investigacó i Creació Musicales projects.